Wednesday, July 20, 2005

White House Pick for Supremes…

Federal appeals court judge John G. Roberts Jr. is the pick of the White House Ladies to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Nasty pick. Read the reports. The Ladies decided to choose a Supreme Court nominee quickly and without sufficient consideration of all options in order to divert attention away from the Karl Rove mess. Okay…two-minute break. Take a breath. Consider Roberts. He's a rotten choice. He's the wrong guy. Back to Rove. Bush says he doesn't know all the facts about the Plame case so he's reserving judgment. What crap! I don't know all the facts because the Bush administration is secretive and won't divulge facts on any issue. But the Prez is the Prez. Why doesn't he know all the facts? Well…right…he's not told anything about anything because his brain is too addled to sort through and ponder the most uncomplicated information. But if he could handle a simple thought, George W. Bush is the one person in the United States who can know all the facts. And, as pointed out, the Prez was confident he knew all the facts when he claimed Rove wasn't involved, why does he say he doesn't know all the facts now? The reason is because Karl Rove told him it was a shrewd thing to say. Or, more accurately, since Rove is not a lawyer, Ken Mehlman told Bush to say he didn't know the facts and was reserving judgment because, legally speaking, it' a wise stance to assume. Speaking of facts. Here are some Karl Rove facts. His middle name is Christian. He is one of five siblings. He dropped out of the University of Utah and never got a college degree. He became a protégé of Donald Segreti who later was a convicted Watergate conspirator. Rove's mother guessed at the day of his birth in December in 1950, but wasn't quite sure. She picked Christmas Day. On Christmas Day when he was 19, his father walked out on the family. During his parents divorce negotiations, Rove found out from an aunt and uncle that the man he knew as his father was not his father. Rove and an older brother were the sons of a man his mother had an affair with. His mother committed suicide in Reno, Nevada in 1981. It's not hard to figure out why Karl Rove became the all-around corrupt and depraved politician that he is. But what's the GOP's excuse for letting a man like Rove run the Republican Party?

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