Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bill Frist Wants to be Prez

The Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist, MD has no morals, no ethics and he's dumber than a White House callboy. Which is why he thinks he can be president. Frist assumes his flip-flop on the stem-cell research issue will be more of a winner than a loser. It's simply a calculated risk and he's decided to take it. Frist's latest stance on stem-cell research was a surprise yesterday, but a bigger surprise lurked in a throw-away sentence in yesterday's NYT. “Because Mr. Frist's colleagues look to him for advice on medical matters, his support for the bill could break the Senate logjam.” The NYT is kidding, right? They gotta be kidding. Does anyone actually look to Bill Frist for medical advice? Or put another way, only someone as terminally stupid and immoral as Bill Frist would seek medical advice from Bill Frist. Dr. Frist said AIDS can be contracted from tears and sweat. Dr. Frist said his diagnosis of Terri Schiavo was that she was not in a vegetative state. In his book “Transplant”, Dr. Frist confessed that he had adopted cats from animal shelters when he was in medical school in order to experiment on them. Then he killed them. In 1997, Frist said in a commencement address at the East Tennessee State University, “Be prepared to adapt. Be willing to risk. Be eager to dream.” Bill Frist is all of that. He has no moral center and he's willing to adapt, to say anything and to risk everything in order to get what he wants. He's also counting on 55 Republicans in the U.S. Senate being as stupid and corrupt as he is. Is he right? We'll see.

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