Friday, July 15, 2005

Krugman: “What's Happened to America?”

This morning, in his NYT Op/Ed column, Paul Krugman lays it on the line. He condemns “Karl Rove's America” and finally asks, “How did our political system get to this point?” Another relevant question might be: When did the USA start being run by a bunch of gossiping, backstabbing, catty, lying, old ladies dressed in men's suits and ties? Nixon's administration was characterized by the high testosterone level of its foul-mouthed and profane top men. But the Bush administration has distinguished itself for the squawks and squeals of its spiteful, malicious, manipulative, passive-aggressive, bitch-slapping male impersonators. Where have all the real men in the GOP gone? Are they hiding out? Are they afraid they will be seen as effeminate if they associate with the White House Ladies? Karl Rove acts like my Aunt Etta. I have no idea what his sexual preference is, but he is devious, he deals in half-truths, his covert activities run to character assassination by outright lying, he is petty and mean, he simpers and smiles even when plotting a spiteful smear...just like Aunt Etta. And his devoted disciple, George W. Bush, thinks whatever Uncle Karl does is fabulous. I have nothing against Sewing Circles and Women's Clubs, I just don't want my country run by my Aunt Etta.

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