Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby-Boomers Are Glum

That’s the overall Google/Internet/Wikipedia take on things.

This Boomer generation that was spawned because potential dads were going off to war and potential moms were hopping in the sack out of sheer biological panic, has now been through its own good times, bad times, drugged-out times, baby times, supposed maturing times, running the world times and is now on the brink of getting old. The boomers are pissed off.

It’s no good to say “You were supposed to fix things, so suck it up.”

One can only note: Now that you Boomers have empowered the medical and pharmaceutical businesses to run the world, how are things working out for us?

The world has cancer. Not only figuratively speaking about the shitty state our planet is in, but speaking healthwise, a significant portion of the world is being treated medically for cancer.

How has that come about? Well, all the A-bomb tests, A-bombs and nuclear power plants the Boomers’ moms and dads unleashed on this world has caused problems to our health--from our autoimmune defenses being knocked awry, to actual cancers being given a leg up.

But also, how much blame can be directed at pharmaceuticals that actually cause cancer? How much blame can be directed at doctors who prescribe ill-tested and/or dangerous drugs because doctors get kick-backs? How much blame can be directed at doctors who prescribe radiation and chemo for cancers that will never grow or become significant? How much blame can be directed at the greedy medical community for promoting the existence of cancer rather than finding a cure?

If Boomers are glum about their prospects for a benign future, can any generation now fix the harm the Boomers have inflicted on themselves and the rest of us by deciding everyone’s life and fate should be in the hands of pharmaceutical companies and the AMA?

The AMA, drug companies and hospitals not only determine whether we get well or die. They now determine whether we get sick in the first place.