Monday, July 04, 2005

On This July Fourth…

…the Prez said we should fly the flag, thank the men and women defending our freedom and help the military family down the street. Dear President Bush: Of course I'm flying the flag, you mindless craven toad. I always do. And I deeply thank the men and women who have defended America and ensured our freedom. I do that every year also. Ever since March 20, 2003, I have extended that thank you to the men and women in Iraq, because they had no way of knowing you lied to them about why they should be willing to die in the Middle East. They had no way of knowing they were being sent to a foreign land to fight a war planned long ago by insane zealots in America. They had no way of knowing Iraq was picked out because Iraq was weak and vulnerable and was thought to be an easy first target in a Bush administration scheme to rule the world and the world's oil. But most of all, I thank the men and women in the US military who are telling the truth about the dishonest, dissembling and deceitful Bush administration that forced us into a war with Iraq. These men and women are truly courageous. The only way I can help the military family down the street is to encourage them to rise up in protest against your war, Mr. Bush. The Bush administration has cut back aid to returning veterans. The Bush administration says Iraq veterans should pay for the drugs they need…drugs that are necessary only because these veterans were sent to die and be maimed in Iraq. The Bush administration is not giving our soldiers the basic protection of armor for themselves or for their vehicles in Iraq. I certainly am not going to assure the families of American soldiers in Iraq that the civilian population will rally round and collect money to give their sons and daughters the aid and protection that the Bush administration will not give them. I can only encourage American soldiers' families to gather together and march on Washington in protest against the illegal and unnecessary war in Iraq. That is how I'm supporting our troops this July Fourth, Mr. Bush. You, on the other hand, will be in Charleston, West Virginia telling more lies.

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