Sunday, July 03, 2005

Boob Geldof Said About Live 8…

…“It's either crap or it's great.” Dear Boob: It's crap! The towns hosting Live 8 will benefit from Geldof's badly-produced junkathons yesterday because the attendees spent big bucks on beer, booze and fat burgers. But no one else will benefit. Geldof envisions that his rock-and-preach mobscenes will shame the world's corporations into ending famine and poverty in Africa. What a load of bull. How much did Geldof inspire The Carlyle Group to donate? How much is Rupert Murdoch donating to end famine in Africa due to the Live 8 concerts? How much was the Rev. Sun Myung Moon moved to donate? How about the dick Cheney's corporation, Halliburton? How much did Geldof shame Halliburton into donating? How much are all those has-been stars donating personally from their multi-million dollar coffers? But most importantly, how much of any of the donations will the corrupt dictators of the African nations allow to reach the African people? Boob said today that African nations don't have a corruption problem, they have a poverty problem. That would come as a surprise to the Africans who didn't get any of the money donated by misguided do-gooders the last time around because corrupt dictators glommed onto it first. Powerful nations could end the poverty problem in Africa by using military intervention. But egomaniac Bob Geldof is only adding to the problem by literally giving money to corrupt dictators. Geldof is a self-promoting ass. But the Bush administration is even more at fault by turning its back on Africa's problems. Saturday morning, the UK's Channel 4 gave its predictions re the audience at the Boob's concert in London: “Your Live 8 pie-chart guide: A. 40% Cynical freeloading industry scum. B. 20% Journalists who will later use the phrase "A gr8 day!" C. 12% Live 8 performers gathering to nod their heads respectfully during Paul McCartney's set. D. 10% Competition winners (very excited). E. 5% Politicians who've been told to go. F. 5% Politicians who've begged to go. G. 3% Madonna's bodyguards (possibly armed). H. Made up of: Chris Martin's extended family, tramps who refused to move when they were putting the fences up, Pink Floyd's biggest fans and women who at some point during the day will climb onto someone's shoulders, whip off their tops, and let 5 billion TV viewers see their tits on which they will have written 'Drop the debt!' in black marker pen. Check back on Monday to see if we were right.” Of course Channel 4 is right. Live 8 is crap. Total crap. 100% crap. Every Geldof famine-fest is complete unadulterated unmitigated pure CRAP!!!!

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