Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rove Has a GIRLfriend? Oh Ha! Oh Hee!

Little stories are starting to appear out of nowhere that Karl Rove has a girlfriend. I have no doubt Rove himself is behind the leaklet. It would do Rove more good to have people thinking he's got a honey of the female persuasion on the side than thinking he's faithful to his wife. Karen Johnson, the girlfriend mentioned in the droppings, has been a Texas GOP friend of Rove's for years. But that she, or any female person, is a Rove inamorata, is about as likely as Scott McClellan being signed by the Washington Redskins. The rumors of gay hanky-cum-panky in the far-right, born-again Bush Administration are so rampant that now they are leaking stories about a Rove girlfriend. OMG! Thank you Jesus! LMAO. LMFAO.

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Barry Schwartz said...

This reminds me of when Liberace was dying of HIV and went on a tour of the TV talk shows, telling stories of his relationships with women. Of course, it was sad for Liberace to die that way. With Rove there is no sadness.