Sunday, July 10, 2005

NYT Says the Brits Are Breeding Terrorists

The day after the bombings in London last week, Peter Bergen of the New America Foundation wrote an article published in the New York Times claiming all terrorists to date have been British citizens. This morning, Elaine Sciolino and Don Van Natta, Jr. have written an article for the NYT saying that, “Long before bombings ripped through London on Thursday, Britain had become a breeding ground for hate, fed by a militant version of Islam.” It's been going on for a decade, they said. Not that the info in these articles is wrong. The info sounds well researched and probably is right on the nose. But how come wasn't this in banner headlines at the NYT when Bush/Blair were doing their war-chant-in-tandem routine? Now that Tony Blair is beginning to doubt his hawkish position on Iraq, he's no longer useful to the Bush administration. And it looks suspiciously like word has come down at the NYT that the Brits are fair game, to use a Karl Rove phrase. At least we have Frank Rich at the NYT keeping us on point. Frank Rich's Op/Ed article this morning (We're Not in Watergate Anymore) gets to the heart of the matter re the Plame case: Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, revealed that Bush/Blair lied to push us into the war in Iraq, the White House decided Wilson's wife was fair game and punished Wilson by outing her status at the CIA and 1753 American soldiers have died in Iraq because of the Bush/Blair lies. Those are the facts. Bush/Blair are two little toads who lied and killed 1753 American soldiers for no reason other than to feel powerful.

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