Saturday, July 09, 2005

To: Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

Your Eminence: God is smarter than mankind, not dumber. And that is the sticking point with all fundamentalists, far-right zealots, and now the super conservatives in the Roman Catholic Church. Yesterday, you wrote an Op/Ed piece in the New York Times. You said the Darwinian concept of evolution is nonsense. You said, "We believe that God created the world according to his wisdom. It is not the product of any necessity whatever, nor of blind fate or chance." How about this? God's wisdom ordained that man should evolve from the primordial ooze. Your problem with that idea seems to be that you want God to have created the world literally in six days 6,000 years ago. Evolutionists say it took billions of years. The only difference seems to be that you are determined to bring God down to mankind's level. Conservative fundamentalists and now the RCC have created God in man's image. According to you, God is mean, vengeful, small-minded, ignorant, arbitrary, elitist, bigoted and ornery...exactly like we are. I see no conflict with believing in God and believing that He not only set evolution in motion but that He gave mankind free will. And I believe that there are great benefits to cooperating with a creator who is wise and merciful. The real nonsense in your position, Cardinal Schönborn, is you seem to believe that the RCC has figured God out so perfectly he now is in a box and under the RCC's control. God is God, Cardinal, and you are only a wee man.

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