Monday, November 06, 2006

New York Times Editorial

It took the New York Times Editorial staff only 813 words yesterday to lay out the sins of the Bush administration and the Republican Congress for the past six years. The editorial, “The Difference Two Years Made”, was written to explain why the NYT was endorsing “no Republican Congressional candidates for the first time in our memory”. It’s a clear and concise recitation of the arrogant and illegal acts of the Bush regime, which have left the United States in the impotent and impoverished condition it finds itself just prior to the midterm elections of 2006. Yesterday’s NYT editorial is a must-read: Top%2fOpinion%2fEditorials%20and%20Op%2dEd%2fEditorials On the same day, November 5th, an announcement was made that Saddam Hussein had been sentenced to death by hanging. And knee-jerk so-called patriotic Americans were heard to cheer and yell their approval. Another must-read article appeared in the Washington Post on December 30, 2002 by Michael Dobbs. Its title is “U.S. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup--Trade in Chemical Arms Allowed Despite Their Use on Iranians, Kurds”. article&contentId=A52241-2002Dec29 This article spells out the close relationship between Saddam Hussein and Republican leaders in the USA. Let us never forget that George Herbert Walker Bush used Saddam Hussein as a paid assassin when Bush Sr. was head of the CIA. Let us never forget that the USA supplied Saddam Hussein with the chemicals he used on the Kurds. Let us never forget that the USA shared our intelligence with Saddam Hussein. And let us never forget that it was Donald Rumsfeld who was appointed a special envoy to Baghdad in the 1980’s and Rumsfeld was in constant contact with Saddam Hussein even though his meetings with Hussein were against international conventions of the time. Let us never forget that the United States of America was in bed with Saddam Hussein and that we were supplying him with arms, chemical weapons and information. Evil as Saddam Hussein was, he became a persona non grata only when the current Bush administration decided to invent reasons why it was necessary to attack Iraq. In the decades before March 19, 2003, the Republican Party and the Bush family had been kissing Saddam Hussein’s ass and presenting him with all manner of goodies that allowed him to intimidate and bully his own people. The verdict that Hussein must die by hanging is no occasion for cheering. It’s an occasion for seeing how the Republican Party and the Bush family sold the soul of the USA to the highest bidder and brought this once great American nation to the low estate where we find ourselves on November 6, 2006. Now is the time for the American people to vow: NEVER AGAIN!

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