Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bush Is An Idiot; Kerry Acts Like An Idiot

It’s a distinction without a difference because the only conclusion one can make is the same: Neither George W. Bush nor Senator (D-MA) John Kerry should be president. Kerry’s latest unfortunate remark, which he made to reporters in Seattle, Washington, may be a blessing. Perhaps now, finally, he will give up any thought of running for President in 2008. Kerry is damaged goods. He killed his chances of being President in 2004. He cannot unring that career death knell. He would never receive the nomination from his fellow Democrats and he should get out of the political arena. That’s the main thing. But secondly, the man has no understanding of what is appropriate or inappropriate to say just prior to crucial elections. And thirdly, the man has no sense of humor. John Kerry's words were: "I can't overstress the importance of a great education. Do you know where you end up if you don't study, if you aren't smart, if you're intellectually lazy? You end up getting stuck in a war in Iraq." It may well be, as Senator Kerry’s apologists are claiming, that he meant to poke fun at the president. It may well be that he meant to say, “You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq.” But, that is not what he said. And in any case, whether he said what he meant to say or botched what he meant to say, neither version is clever, humorous or even droll. Did Kerry insult our troops by saying that if you don’t study, aren’t smart and are intellectually lazy you will wind up in Iraq? Yes. But the stunning thing that Kerry didn’t say is that if you have made politics your career, you don’t have to serve in the military and your kids don’t wind up in Iraq. And on the face of it, it surely looks as though the kids who have to go into the army to get an education are the kids who are getting stuck in Iraq. I haven't seen any statistics, but I would love to know the number of Congressmen's sons and daughters who are serving in Iraq. We know the number of current Presidents and Vice Presidents and their children who have served in the military. NONE. I agree with John Kerry that the president of the United States and the entire Bush administration should apologize to the troops for starting an unnecessary war that is getting American soldiers killed. And I agree that the phrase "getting stuck in Iraq" is apt. It's not being assigned a duty. It's a punishment. But that isn’t the point regarding Kerry’s gaffe. The point is, he should not have said anything remotely like what he said. The point is: John Kerry should find another line of work.


Joseph said...

I cannot agree, Joy. Let he (or she) among you who has never screwed up the telling of a joke cast the first stone. It should be obvious even to the dullards tht the target of the joke was W, and that the GOP outrage is fake. I think J.K.'s rejoinder was superb. Besides, he brought Iraq to the forefront -- always a good thing in this election.

Anonymous said...

I think John Kerry has an unfortunate habit of misspeaking because he is so out of touch with ordinary people. He has lived in a rather insular world and sensitivity isn't his strong point.


Thailand Gal

Barry Schwartz said...

I am far, far from being a defender of John Kerry in general--I blame _him_ for the current round of swiftboating because he did not sue the Swift Boat Liars--but right now John Kerry deserves comfort, because he's our clumsy comrade who just got shot while doing his duty.

Every group has to have a clumsiest member, after all.