Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bush Sr. Defends Bush Jr.

GHWBush was at a leadership conference yesterday in Abu Dhabi, the capital of Abu Dhabi, one of the seven countries that comprise the United Arab Emirates in Southwest Asia on the Persian Gulf. During a question-and-answer period after Bush Sr,’s address on leadership (which was characterized as “folksy” in an Associated Press article by Jim Krane), the audience hooted and whistled in derision when the subject of George W. Bush came up. "We do not respect your son. We do not respect what he's doing all over the world," one woman said. Bush Sr. had opened the door for comments such as this when he told the audience he feels deeply hurt when the president is criticized. Bush Sr. said his son is “an honest man”. He said he was very proud of both his sons--Jeb who is governor of Florida and George who is the president. Okay. I personally do not believe that GHWB is proud of his two despicable sons who have both disgraced themselves while in political office. Nor do I believe GHWB is proud of his other two sons, Neil and Marvin. who have both been involved in shady, if not, outright illegal shenanigans. Neil was director of Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan in Colorado. Silverado went belly up, mainly because Neil’s two partners welshed on $132 milliion in loans. Marvin was on the board of directors of Securacom (now named Stratesec) which provided electronic security for the World Trade Center up to and including the day the buildings collapsed. The company was backed by the Kuwait-American Corp., which has been linked to the Bush family for years George W. Bush dissed his father when he became president and said he would not ask him for advice. But now, the arrogant, gormless, and delusional little weasel is in the position of having to eat crow and accept advice from his father and his father’s cronies who are members of the Iraq Study Group. No. I do not believe for a minute that GHWB is proud of his sons. But nevermind. Bush Sr. took the highroad and felt he had to defend his son the President when he was being mocked and ridiculed. What else was the 82-year-old father going to do? However, that is not the interesting part of this story. One audience member asked Bush, Sr. what advice he gives his son on Iraq. Bush Sr. said he couldn’t reveal his advice because there were reporters in the audience. He said, "I have strong opinions on a lot of these things. But the reason I can't voice them is, if I did what you ask me to do — tell you what advice I give my son — that would then be flashed all over the world," He added, "If it happened to deviate one iota, one little inch, from what the president's doing or thinks he ought to be doing, it would be terrible. It'd bring great anxiety not only to him but to his supporters.” Obviously, if Bush Sr. agreed with what the Prez is doing, he would have said so. Bush Sr. is as capable of lying as any other politician. He said he had spoken with James Baker recently. Baker is head of the Iraq Study Group and was Secretary of State when Bush Sr. was president. The two men are neighbors in Houston. He said he preferred to reminisce about old times with Baker than discuss what America ought to do in Iraq. "In the early 1960s,” Bush Sr. said, “Jim Baker and I were the men's doubles champions in tennis in the city of Houston…If I were to suggest what they ought to do, it just would not be constructive and certainly would not be helpful to the president. It would cause grief to him." George Herbert Walker Bush is 82. He’s not as good at dissembling as he once was. Why would advice cause grief to the Prez? It would only cause grief if it ran counter to what the Prez is doing. What we can take away from the events in Abu Dhabi is that of course the former president and Jim Baker talk about Bush Jr. And of course they talk about Iraq and the mess Jr. has made of things. And of course they talk about whether the Bush name can be rehabilitated. And of course they talk about whether and how the reputation of the United States can be returned to its former state of good standing. And of course George Herbert Walker Bush thinks his son the president is a worthless ne’er-do-well piece of crap who has to be saved from disaster after disaster. But GHWB differs from all his sons in that he really does care about the United States of America. And he is absolutely right that saying publicly that he and Barbara Bush have spawned one of the worst human beings ever to walk the earth would not be constructive, politically or personally. If Bush Sr. seemed “stunned”, as Jim Krane’s article reports, that the audience at Abu Dhabi whistled and hooted its approval when the woman said people don’t like what Bush Jr. Is doing and they don’t respect him, then it may be because at that moment, George Herbert Walker Bush realized nothing could save the Bush name from dishonor and infamy. It’s been a long time coming, but the Bush family has been heading for jail and/or dishonor for decades. All the lying and nefarious deals have finally caught up to them.

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"But GHWB differs from all his sons in that he really does care about the United States of America."

You have evidence for that?