Monday, November 20, 2006

How Will the US Staying in Iraq Stabilize Iraq?

We attacked Iraq for the most venal reasons. The idea of spreading democracy was not part of the original preemptive strike ideology. The Pentagon, the Bush administration and Department of Defense head Donald Rumsfeld miscalculated all levels of carrying on a war, mismanaged the so-called rehabilitation of Iraq that we had destroyed. And they misled the American people every step of the way. The Iraq war was a mistake from the moment it was conceived by the Project for the New American Century autocrats in 1998 up to and including today. But the Republicans’ say that if we don’t stay in Iraq, terrible things will ensue. How can things get worse in Iraq? They now have a civil war thanks to us. We destroyed whatever basic services Saddam had provided for the people and we have not given those services back because Americans have stolen the money earmarked for rebuilding Iraq. Terrorism has proliferated throughout the Middle East because of the situation the United Stated provided with our war. And the whole world is less safe than it was before we bumbled and blundered our way into the Middle East to steal its oil and to occupy and conquer its countries. If we brought all of our soldiers, equipment and idiotic consultants home today, how could things get worse in Iraq? The GOP rationale is that since we caused all the problems in Iraq, we owe it to the Iraqis to stay in Iraq and watch the problems that we caused get worse. Which, the GOP forgets to mention, would entail our watching things go from worse to worse-than-worse in the United States. Why can’t we watch Iraq’s problems get worse at a distance? Which would, by extension, save the United States from destroying itself.

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