Thursday, November 02, 2006

“Creepy” Prez Defends Vice Prez…Why?

A New York Times editorial this morning says the Prez “hit a particularly creepy low” when he “distorted” Kerry’s “lame” joke. Which of course is true. The whole faux outrage the Repubs are displaying is creepy. Senator Santorum (R-PA) whose creep quotient is higher than anyone else in Congress said that his opponent Bob Casey, Jr. failed as a leader because he didn’t demand that Kerry apologize. This is from a guy who wanted to make a law that intelligent design be taught in schools because he didn’t believe in evolution, and that contraception be made illegal for everyone including married folks. Creepy is the perfect description of the Bush administration and its conservative base. But this morning what was more astonishing than creepy was the report that Bush said he intended to keep Vice President Dick Cheney in office until the end of Bush’s current term. Bush was defending Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, but threw in Cheney’s name also. The NYT said, “Mr. Bush, in an interview with wire service reporters on Wednesday, said he intended to keep Mr. Rumsfeld at the Pentagon and Mr. Cheney in the vice presidency until he leaves office in 2009.” Huh? Did Bush decide all on his own that he needed to show who's Boss? Since Cheney is the guy who calls the shots in the White House, along with Karl Rove, one wonders if Cheney and Rove intend to keep Bush in the presidency until Cheney leaves office? Or are they just going to let him blither and ramble in the Bush administration idiot wing? Creepy, sinister, insane, delusional. George W. Bush is all that and a bag of happy pills.


Barry Schwartz said...

The creepiest part is the implication that a ‘President’ can fire a ‘Vice President’. However, I like Sidney Blumenthal’s simple and less creepy explanation, just given on the Sam Seder Show, that in Bush’s ‘mind’ Cheney is attached to Rumsfeld at the hip, and as usual Bush’s ‘thoughts’ were slipping into his speech.

(Santorum is creepy, but I’m more creeped out by our Senator, Norm Coleman. Emptiness creeps me out more than does craziness. Of course Coleman is very low in the hierarchy, so his vast emptiness isn’t on display. I don’t know what else to call it; he is an empty shell. He is a costume without a wearer.)

Joseph said...

"...happy pills." Great line!