Monday, May 16, 2005

The White House is Pissed?

I'm having trouble understanding news coming out of Washington, DC these days. Let me once again try to get this straight. The White House is having a fit about a story that ran in Newsweek. The story was about a Koran that supposedly was flushed down a toilet in Afghanistan. The report caused so much angst against Americans that it has caused the deaths of 9 people. The White House demanded that Newsweek retract the story. Finally Newsweek did retract the story because it could not be corroborated. The White House is still dancing up and down in consternation. It's because the reputation of the United States has been soiled and tarnished by this event, the White House says. And the White House is appalled. How could Newsweek have acted on information that could not be corroborated and which resulted in the deaths of 9 people? Shall I just let that sentence hang there while you get a full eyeful of what the White House is in high dudgeon about? Right! THE WHITE HOUSE IS APPALLED AND HORRIFIED BECAUSE AN UNCORROBORATED EVENT WAS ASSUMED TO BE FACT AND IT CAUSED DEATH. These criminals, warmongers and fascists in the White House, who have caused the deaths of 1622 American soldiers and countless thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, because the White House lied and acted on uncorroborated information they knew was false, now have the balls to take Newsweek to task for an honest mistake? Well, unring that bell if you can Herr Rove…the news services are a-twitter with your righteous indignation, not to mention the memory of the White House starting a war of choice by using uncorroborated facts and lies.

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Barry Schwartz said...

I have one objection to make, against the implication that the WH action involves balls. Balls would be needed not to do what the WH has done.