Saturday, May 28, 2005

I Want to Know: Is George W. Bush Gay or Isn't He Gay?

I'm discounting the big kiss he planted on Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) the night of his 2005 State of the Union Speech February 2. I'm also discounting the 32 times he's used the word “fabulous”-a coming-out sign in a lesser light-but just not probative, as they say in law circles. I want definitive proof. Does anyone know for absolutely sure that George W. Bush has engaged in gay alliances during the past five years? And what about those allegations that in 1976 Barb and GHW Bush sent their big disappointment-George W. Bush-to “Worthy Creations”, a church group in El Paso,to be de-gayed? It was in 1977 that he suddenly emerged as de-alkied, born-again, straight and married. But the “Worthy Creations” connection has not been verified. And according to a group called “Gay Ivy Leaguers for Truth”-29 Yale classmates of GWB-Bush was bisexual during his time in college. And even though Anthony Berusca says he was a GWB lover, these claims have been unverified. So what about it? Is anyone with unimpeachable knowledge and proof going to come forward? Unfortunately, others have turned up dead who could have verified these allegations. My interest is that it would shut down the far-right religious anti-gay, anti-women, anti-science support for the Bush administration if it's proved that George W. Bush is gay. It would also confirm that the Bush clan is a family of hypocrites. But that's not of major importance. That's been old news since the days of Prescott Bush. The Bush administration deserves to be brought down because it got us into a war by deceit and lies. The Bush administration deserves to be brought down because it uses religion to divide and conquer. The Bush administration deserves to be brought down for protecting the rich and powerful while taking advantage of the poor and disadvantaged. It would be a condemnation of our entire democracy if the Bush administration is brought down because the Chief Weenie is gay. But hey! If that's what does the job, then that's the course we need to take.


Barry Schwartz said...

If planting a Malibu Stacy collection on him is what it takes, then I am for it. But it is not necessary. By my gut judgment, Bush not only is gay or bi, but also he is fond of 'danger sex'; he likes to risk being caught. Somehow give him more opportunities for being caught and maybe he will take advantage of them. The media could give him these opportunities, though will they do it?

Anonymous said...

Sep. 26, 2006 -- According to individuals who investigated George W. Bush's stint in the 147th Fighter Group of the Texas Air National Guard (TANG), the GOP's top dirty tricksters, notably Karl Rove and Roger Stone, interceded to derail the investigation and, instead, have CBS focus on Bush's faxed, scanned, and Xeroxed original TANG records -- which were later hyped by the right-wing media as fakes.

The reason for the GOP's concern was that the investigation was getting dangerously close to exposing Bush's suspected homosexual activity with other members of his TANG unit. Given the times and culture of the early 1970s, investigators were surprised to discover Bush's frequent association with an abundant number of gays in the unit, which was nicknamed the "Champagne Unit." Bush's homosexuality is the bĂȘte noire of Bush's past for GOP political operatives, precisely because of the anti-gay stance of the Republican right and its Christian fundamentalist base.

In 1976, the Bush family sent George W. Bush to El Paso's Worthy Creations, a Christian gay conversion center. From that time on, Bush became a tool of the Christian right and a self-hating homosexual. The investigation of Bush's gay activities in the TANG unit would have unraveled Bush's new "straight" persona. The GOP went to battle stations to prevent Bush's past from being resurrected.

Bush's alleged homosexuality in college was hinted at in Kitty Kelley's massive biography of the Bush family, The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, which was released at about the same time as CBS 60 Minutes was investigating Bush's National Guard stint. In the case of Kelley's book and the gay charge, the criticism came not from the GOP operatives but from their allies in the corporate media, including the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, who is married to a GOP operative. While Bush attended all-boys Andover prep school (nicknamed "bend over"), Bush, not able to make it as an athlete, instead became a male cheerleader. At Yale, Bush, according to Kelley, had a "special relationship" (i.e., gay relationship) with Victor Ashe, his room mate and fellow cheerleader. Ashe, a former Mayor of Knoxville, is now Bush's ambassador to Poland. At the Delta Kappa Epsilon frat house, Bush became known as "a jock sniffer."

Bush's "Turd Blossom" Karl Rove killed 60 Minutes investigation of Bush to prevent Bush's gay past from becoming 2004 campaign issue.

ceal from queens said...

The web page for Worthy Creations says it was founded in 1986, not 1976 when Bush was supposed to have gone there, and that it's in Miami, not El Paso. Anyone have the scoop on whether they actually did have a branch in El Paso at that time?

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