Monday, May 23, 2005

Laura Bush Mobbed by Protesters in Israel Sunday

The clueless White House assumed that since folks in the US seem to like Laura Bush, the folks in Israel would also follow her down the yellow brick road. Wrong. The Associated Press reported that protesters noisily harassed the first lady. “Secret Service and Israeli police had to physically hold back the crowd as she approached the wall”, the AP said of Laura Bush's Sunday visit to Israel. Jonathan Pollard is an American Jew serving a life sentence in a U.S. prison for spying for Israel. He was a civilian intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy. As Laura Bush stood at the Western Wall, dozens of protesters shouted, "Free Pollard now,” the AP said. Why would the White House assume the Israelis would welcome Laura Bush? It's not as though the GOP owns the press corps in Israel, or owns Israeli TV, or owns the Knesset the way the GOP takes for granted it owns everyone and everything in the US. Why would the White House make such an error in judgment? Could it be, that in its crazy sociopath delusions of grandeur and power, the White House believes that Israel belongs to the US? Could it be that since the White House reads nothing but its own news reports and sees no television except that which it produces, that the White House actually believes it rules the world? Yes indeedy. That very well could be. And the Laura Bush identity has been so rehearsed and polished that she barely resembles a living human person in any real sense of the words. To the WH, Laura Bush is chattel like Condi Rice or Scott McClellan. After we were treated to the carefully-drawn Laura-Bush-persona which she inhabited to great acclaim at the 2005 White House Correspondents' Association dinner April 30th, we found out she has never watched the “Desperate Housewives” TV show she said she loved sooooooo much. Laura Bush, like Jeb Bush, like Barbara Bush, like GHWB and like GWB, is a wholly-owned possession of the GOP. She does what she is told to do. Which means Laura Bush is as fake a creation as the Prez. Laura Bush is even as phony as her mother-in-law, Barbara Bush. And that is no doubt one of the main reasons Laura Bush was sent to Israel. The White House fondly remembers how popular Barbara Bush was during GHW Bush's presidency. A poll was taken during his second run for Prez and the poll discovered that many people would have happily voted for motherly old Barb rather than George Herbert Walker. Which was a triumph of White House deceit at the time. Barbara Bush was then, and is now, one of the meanest, nastiest, bitch-diva, control-freak, white-haired dragons ever known to set foot in Washington, DC. But she played her role well. And Laura plays her role well. The problem is that the WH thought the Laura Bush they had created and who had sprinkled fairy dust on the American public, would do the same in Israel. But what do we know about Laura? It's nearly impossible to find out anything other than the official sanitized and perfumed versions of Laura Welch Bush. We do know she killed her boyfriend when she was 17. There are at least two versions of the traffic accident. One says that on Nov. 5, 1963, at 8 p.m., Laura Welch was driving east on Farm Road 868 in her hometown of Midland, TX en route to a party. At a dangerous intersection, she allegedly failed to see Mike Douglas, her boyfriend at the time, also 17, heading south on State Road 369. She plowed into the Jeep driven by Douglas, killing him. The other version says she ran a stoplight and rammed into a car driven by “an acquaintance”, Michael Douglas, who was thrown from his Jeep and broke his neck. We can't find out how fast she was driving. And of course the reports say neither she nor her friend Judy Dykes, who was also in her car, was drinking. Laura Welch got a Bachelor's degree in education from Southern Methodist University (Dallas) in 1968, and a Master's degree in library science from the University of Texas at Austin in 1973. She worked as a public school teacher and librarian. As far as the official bio is concerned, time stopped from 1973 until 1977 for Laura Welch. She met George W at a bar-b-q in July of 1977 and married him in September of 1977. Oh, and she worked with Barbara Bush to establish a few state literacy programs. (Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at those lovely in-law interactions.) It surely was a whirlwind engagement. Librarian Laura decided to marry George, the ne'er-do-well, miserable failure, Bush family booby prize, within three months of meeting him. What were the inducements, one wonders? Why did George need to get married so fast? Did it have anything to do with his Yalie cheerleading pal and roommate, Victor Ashe, who now is decidedly and forthrightly out of the closet? You'd have to go to Kitty Kelly's book, “The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty” to get all the poop on Laura Welch Bush. But Kelly says that Laura was “known as a go-to girl for dime bags of marijuana". The Prez and First Lady may be Laura-the-Librarian and George-the-Born-again to gullible Republicans, but to people who live in the Middle East, they are meddling ignorant immoral foreign infidels and they both have been told to butt out.

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