Saturday, May 21, 2005

Is Ignorant Worse Than Brain-Damaged?

Yesterday, we had a United States Senator and a United States President who seemed to be in a contest to see who could sound more dim-witted. While the smirking, preening President of the United States was prating about stem cell research, an issue he cannot understand and does not care about, a Senator who is even more ignorant and bigoted sounded even more stupid. It's difficult to top the flat-earth mentality of our resident White House Neanderthal who yesterday said on the topic of stem cell research, “to promote science which destroys life in order to save life, is-I'm against that”. But Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) came close. Santorum pulled his head out of his ass yesterday and divined that equating Democrats with Hitler would not produce the votes in bluer-than-blue Pennsylvania that being flat-out stupid garners in Utah. Santorum issued a statement on Friday saying that on Thursday he “meant no offense”. He clarified his stunningly fatuous remarks by saying, "Referencing Hitler was meant to dramatize the principle of an argument, not to characterize my Democratic colleagues.” It's difficult to make a call on who is more clueless, Senator Santorum or President Bush. Santorum's sin is that he believes every unfounded, ignorant, bigoted, illogical, uninformed thing he says. Bush's sin is that he does not care way or another about anything he says. Bush has no beliefs. He has no principles. Bush is self-absorbed and has no goals higher than whatever it takes to make him feel good at the moment. As of today, George W. Bush has personally killed 1631 American soldiers in Iraq in a war he waged based on lies and his own self-promotion. And he does not give a damn. Bush doesn't care about the “culture of life”. He doesn't care if a woman has abortions or uses contraceptives or if embryos are used for science or thrown away. Yes, George W. Bush is stupid and brain-damaged, but that's not the worst of it. George W. Bush doesn't care about anything except his image and his image of his image. It's almost impossible to say which is worse, a man who cares and is woefully ignorant like Rick Santorum, or a man who doesn't care and is brain-damaged and a pathological liar. But the bottom line is that both these men are running the United States of America. Is that what the majority of Americans want?


John Hlinko said...

If anyone wants to help, we're building a new effort to fight back on stem cells:

Barry Schwartz said...

Bush is just as you say; it is considered a "mental" illness, known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It can be very dangerous, as in this case, where the deaths so far have numbered in the tens or hundreds of thousands. I have read that NPD is a relatively frequent cause of hospitalization.

As for Santorum, there's more than that going on with him than just what you say. That "man on dog" comment didn't come out of thin air. That wasn't just ignorance -- ignorance would be never having heard of bestiality. Santorum had bestiality on his "mind" for some reason.