Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Roman Catholic Church Rules Against a Child

A devout little girl with celiac disease who was raised in the Roman Catholic Church has been told in no uncertain terms she can never receive Holy Communion. In the past, Haley Pelly-Waldman's mother has been able to find a priest here and there who would allow her to substitute a rice wafer for the wheat wafer used by the RCC in its rite of Holy Communion. But the Diocese of Trenton ruled once for all this morning that only a low-gluten wheat wafer may be substituted for the preferred wheat wafer. Rice wafers are invalid. This means the RCC has invalidated the little girl's first Holy Communion, which was celebrated with a rice wafer. This also means that through no fault of the child's, she will NEVER be able to receive Holy Communion in the Roman Catholic Church. Since the Vatican bends its rules so far in some cases that the RCC resembles a gold-plated law firm more than a religion, one wonders what this particular inflexibility is all about. When an annulment is requested by a rich and powerful Catholic, the RCC has been known to invalidate marriages that have lasted over 20 years, were consecrated in a Catholic church and produced many children. The RCC provided palatial digs in Rome for Cardinal Law who protected pedophile priests in Boston. And after years of making it a mortal sin to eat meat on Friday, the RCC decided in 1966 it's okay to eat meat on Friday except during Lent. But Haley Pelly-Waldman can't have a special medical dispensation to use a rice wafer instead of a wheat wafer in order to receive Holy Communion. The Last Supper, which was a Seder celebrated by Christ and his disciples before Christ's crucifixion, used unleavened bread and wine. The New Testament says Christ said, “This is my body and my blood…do this in remembrance of me”. That is as much as we know. The Vatican does not possess any secret knowledge. They know for sure only what the rest of us know. And yet, from this sparse knowledge, the RCC has woven a recipe for the making of Eucharistic bread, although they have no idea exactly what the bread Christ broke with his friends was made of. That it was unleavened we do know because Christ was eating a Passover meal. But for sure, it was not a tiny round thin wafer that melted away to nothing on the tongue. The RCC changed the Latin Mass to a Mass in the vernacular in the 1970's. And in 1969 priests who had always stood with their backs to the congregation during the Mass began to face the congregation thus proving they had nothing up their sleeves. The only consistency in the RCC is that it changes rules to suit its whims and says that no rules have been changed. But now, the RCC says that its rules will not allow a little girl to use a rice wafer instead of a wheat wafer in order to receive Holy Communion. If Christ had a grave, he'd be spinning in it like a top.


Barry Schwartz said...

The most amazing thing is that the Church gets away with this despite the obvious fact that Jesus would have denounced it.

Anonymous said...

There is a viable low-gluten form of the host for people with wheat allegies and celiac disease. The Church provides for these. Back off.