Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Two 800-Pound Gorillas Sit in the White House

And we’re not supposed to look at or talk about either one. Gorilla No. 1 is the President’s health problems...mental and physical. Gorilla No. 2 is the increasing evidence that the Bush administration is up to its neck in Roy Cohns. A little history lesson for you kiddies out there: Back in the bad old Communist-witch-hunt days, Roy Cohn was Senator Joseph McCarthy’s right-hand-lawyer during the GOP’s House UnAmerican Activities Hearings in the 1950's. Those hearings, chaired by McCarthy, investigated organized labor, the Federal government and the movie industry in a search for Communists. High-profile people were falsely accused of Communist activity. Careers were ruined and lives were ruined because of the false accusations. Both McCarthy and Cohn targeted homosexuals for their vicious and untrue accusations. Roy Cohn, it turned out, was himself gay, as was Joseph McCarthy. Cohn eventually died of AIDS. Now, once again gays are being targeted by a witch-hunting GOP administration. This time it's fueled by a far-right religious born-again faction. And once again, we’re starting to hear that the gay-hating GOP accusers may be in the closet themselves. Jeff Gannon is a gay male hooker who was allowed by the Bush administration to infiltrate the White House press corps. His function was to ask questions of the President and/or the President’s Press Secretary that would make the GOP look good and the Democrats look bad. All of this we know as fact. But WHY did the White House reach into its copious files of people willing to do dirty tricks and come up with a gay hooker? There are hundreds of rabid young Republican wannabe reporters in the GOP’s files. There are hundreds of lily-white true-believers who could have been tapped for the job. There are hundreds of young and mean-spirited Republicans who would have loved to lob pre-written and scripted questions to the President. Jeff Gannon is a notorious gay hooker who advertised his wares (and his attributes--as in, 8”+cut) on the Internet with graphic photos and suggestive copy as to his talents. Why was he picked out to do the bogus-reporter job? Among some very interesting photos now making the rounds on the Internet are a series showing President Bush patting Jeff Gannon’s shaven head. Why is a gay hooker so cozy with the White House? And why does the White House have the name of a gay hooker in its rolodex? It’s come out recently that the White House has been paying for writers to say nice things about the Bush administration. But is the White House paying Jeff Gannon NOT to say things about the Bush administration? Maybe the White House has tried to turn a gay hooker legit so he won’t let the cat out of the bag about all the Roy Cohns in the administration. As Bill Maher said last Friday night...was Jeff Gannon going to “spill the beans while he...um...spilled the beans”? You can’t ignore two 800-pound gorillas forever. The stink is oozing out the castle walls.

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