Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Annual Roy Cohn Award

Last summer on July 23rd, gave the first Roy Cohn Award to Jay Timmons for Outstanding Achievement Against Gay and Lesbian Americans. Timmons was the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The NRSC’s aim was to use the same-sex marriage issue to motivate far-right voters to oust Democrats. Trouble is, Jay Timmons was gay himself and in the closet. It was Washington DC activists Michael Rogers and John Arivosis who outed Timmons and gave him the Roy Cohn Award. They had been instrumental in outing other gay conservative politicians who thought they could safely hide in the closet while bashing gays and lesbians. On February 2nd when the Jeff Gannon scandal was heating up, ProudTinFoilHat posted a suggestion on Daily Kos that the Roy Cohn Award should be an annual event. I certainly hope there is a mounting clamor for this to happen. The list of qualified recipients in the District of Columbia is long and getting longer. You can bet the rent that the halls of Congress and the Pentagon have a bunch of married-with-children closet-case-Republicans who are shaking in their boots right now. Not to mention the White House.

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