Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Half the Voters in the USA Are in Denial

Denial is the drug of choice for Republicans. With the truth staring them in the face about the man they elected President, the GOP’s unthinking followers have willed themselves to go blind. George W. Bush has only one goal and that is to make his demons seem righteous. He is an infantile, sadistic, delusional, paranoid sociopath bent on recasting himself as a savior. Bush does not differentiate between lies and truth. He knows only that he must justify his increasing need to inflict pain on others and his increasing need to be seen as a hero. Although Bush’s demons have worked well to advance the aims of the White House masterfascist, Karl Rove, the tipping point may have been reached. What happens when the Bush pathologies can’t be kept in check with medications? What happens when Bush has an episode of rage or inane rambling in front of world leaders? It’s a fine line the Bush handlers are walking. The Prez needs to be medicated to keep him in control, but the medications dull his thinking so that he cannot understand the policies and programs he supposedly is proposing. He can’t explain his Social Security privatization plan without sounding like a moron. He knows that the pleasure he got from killing Iraqis is no longer satisfying his desire to see others suffer. But finding a rationale for waging war on Iran or some other vulnerable country has become problematic for the White House, particularly since there’s no money in the till for another major war. The White House has its agenda and that is world domination. But George W. Bush’s agenda is totally personal. He is incapable of thoughts other than the immediate gratification of his desires. Bush is an addict. He is addicted to appeasing his infantile needs of self-glorification and giving pain to others. And every day he has to anesthetize his anxieties and fears or give in to them by making others fearful about their own security. How is the White House going to contain George W. Bush’s unresolved psychological problems? Bush thought God would neutralize his unholy appetites or give him justification for indulging in them. But God is not living up to the bargain that Bush thought he’d made with Him. Is there a major George W. Bush breakdown in the offing? Oh hell yes.

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