Friday, February 18, 2005

Back To the President’s Health Problems

On July 28, 2004, Capital Hill Blue, an online non-profit news source, reported that President George W. Bush was taking anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia. CHB said the prescription drugs were administered to the Prez by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician. The article went on to say that, “Tubb prescribed the anti-depressants after a clearly-upset Bush stormed off stage on July 8, refusing to answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth J. Lay. ‘Keep those motherfuckers away from me,’ he screamed at an aide backstage. ‘If you can’t, I’ll find someone who can.’ “Bush’s mental stability has become the topic of Washington whispers in recent months,” the article said. “Capitol Hill Blue first reported on June 4 about increasing concern among White House aides over the President’s wide mood swings and obscene outbursts.” Then came the reports about the “Bush bulge”. But the device started to be noticed after the episode of Bush falling off a couch when he supposedly inhaled a pretzel on January 13, 2002. It was said he was wearing a LifeVest--a portable defibrillator--because President GW Bush suffered from atrial fibrillation just as his father, President GHW Bush had. And what causes atrial fibrillation? It can be caused by Graves disease, an auto-immune disease of the thyroid gland--a disease that not only Daddy Bush has, but Mommy Bush has also. And, oddly enough, the family dog, Millie died of it. And younger brother Marvin also has Graves disease. Is there something in the drinking water up there at the family compound in Kennebunkport, ME? Who knows? And it doesn’t really matter how George W. Bush came by all his afflictions. What matters is, he has them and he’s on powerful medications and all his medical and mental problems were hidden from us in order to get him elected. The Prez even refused to have a medical check-up before the election. We’ve got a President who is paranoid and abusive unless he takes anti depressants. It’s been documented that he needs to wear a defibrillator. His atrial fibrillations can cause mini-strokes, and from the evidence of the paralysis on the left side of his face, they have caused mini-strokes. He faints, he falls off of things, he can’t corral his thoughts enough to explain his policies, he slurs his words, he smirks to cover up his bewilderment and apparently he has Graves disease. So why did the GOP, The Carlyle Group and The White House fascists want George Walker Bush to be elected president? His medical and mental problems were clearly apparent when he was barely into his first term. Who else could so easily be manipulated by Karl Rove and Company? Would a really strong, Republican contender have put up with the machinations from the White House ventriloquists? Think of any healthy, intelligent, articulate person of the Republican persuasion, and ask if he or she would allow themselves to be pushed around and controlled by Dick Cheney and Karl Rove the way George-the-Unwell has, and the answer is, NO! The real question now is, Will the Mainstream Media recognize that the truth must come out about all the White House shenanigans? The future of the United States depends on it. Will a few brave journalists from a respected large news outlet finally stand up and say, “At long last sirs, have you no shame?”

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