Monday, January 09, 2006

Yo, Odds-Makers…Who Will Be The Next VP?

Little Adolf’s Herman Goring is not looking very robust this morning. Bush hasn’t been getting along with Cheney for a while, according to White House snitches that won’t give their names. And since the White House Goebbels has disappeared, I’m betting Little Leni has been putting forward her name. Whaddaya bet that CondoleezzafuckingRice is named Vice President when Cheney makes his final trip to the hospital in the not too distant future? Bush has made 17 sneaky appointments while Congress has been in recess. We know that qualifications do not matter to the Bush administration. Loyalty matters. So qualifications for a new Secretary of State wouldn’t enter the mix when Condi becomes VP. Who does Little Adolf owe the most to, not counting his mother and brother Jeb? There you go. Karen Hughes will be the new Secretary of State. And while I’m tossing airballs…a new Department of Defense appointment is going to come up before the current White House bites the dust. Rummy is toast. Who would make a good Himmler? Jeb seems to be wearing out his welcome in Texas. Little Bro looks good for Secretary of Defense. And I hear Chertoff is in bad odor now. Head of Homeland Security sounds perfect for Mom who seems to be a mite bored lately. There it is: the Fourth Reich is taking shape with members who are totally unqualified and loyal. And who is going to say NO when Little Adolf has a tantrum and screams, This is what I want because I am the Great I Am? Seriously, guys. Who is going to say NO?

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Barry Schwartz said...

Jeb is in Florida, not Texas.

What you describe would be a tremendous improvement. Instead of PNAC Nazis working as best they can beneath the disgruntled figurehead of Bush, towards world conquest, you would merely have Jesus II and his suck-ups being aimlessly despotic. So I don't worry about any of that, though I do worry about the Reaganite Nazi that has been appointed to the Supreme Court, and about the fecklessness and Chamberlain-quality of Democrats.