Sunday, January 29, 2006

Latest Poll…Go Figure!

WaPo/ABC conducted a telephone poll from January 23-26 among 1,002 randomly selected adults across the nation. What’s called “the fieldwork” was done by TNS of Horsham, PA. The moron who is supposedly running the USA, George W. Bush, did not fare well in the poll. The complete and detailed results are in this morning’s Washington Post. Bush came up short and looking like the terrible president he is on every question except three: Do you approve or disapprove of the US campaign against terrorism? 52 % approve, 45% disapprove. Who has stronger leaders, Democrats or Republicans? 47% said Republicans, 41% said Democrats Is Bush a strong leader? 52% said yes, 48% said no So…the poll showed that Bush has his head up his ass on the situation in Iraq, prescription drug benefits, ethics in government, the economy, immigration issues, health care and taxes. It also revealed that folks say he isn’t honest and trustworthy, he doesn’t understand the problems of people like them, and that they don’t approve of the way he’s handling his job. AND YET, these same folks approve of the US campaign against terrorism, they believe the Repubs have strong leaders and that Bush is one of them. And, get this: They think Bush can be trusted in a crisis. What in hell is that? This is the man who sat around with his thumb up his ass after 9/11, couldn’t be found when Katrina was raging at its worst, has had more time off (read, had his brain re-wired and his meds changed) and taken more vacation days than any other president in the history of the United States, believes God put him in office, and illegally ordered wiretaps on American citizens. This man can be trusted in a crisis? This man is a strong leader? This man is leading a good campaign against terrorism? It’s not like the questions in this poll were tricky or weighted to illicit biased answers. The questions were straightforward: “Please tell me whether the following statement applies to Bush or not. He can be trusted in a crisis.” And 53% said he could. No, you blithering ninnies, George W. Bush CANNOT be trusted anytime, anywhere or anyhow. In any given crisis, whether he caused it, whether he’d been thrust into it, or whether a storm randomly rages on a part of the earth, President George W. Bush cannot be trusted to so much as call 911. In any situation, the Prez does not know what to do. And in lieu of taking action immediately, he will stare vacantly, make a joke in bad taste, and smile like an idiot. I can only think that the 53% who said Bush could be trusted in a crisis, were actually saying, Oh God! I surely hope so! Well fuhgeddaboudit and face facts. You cannot ever trust George W. Bush about anything.


Barry Schwartz said...

I think you are right about what people 'really' mean. It's an anxiety-control technique sometimes called 'strategic optimism'--as opposed to the dominant method of people like me, which is called 'defensive pessimism'.

If you listen to the Randi Rhodes program on Air America Radio, you can observe a 'Democratic equivalent', where Randi herself attributes to Democrats--and 'moderate' 'Republicans'--noble qualities that really don't have. She goes back to doing it after each disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Typo...shouldnt it be 'fare well?" and not "fair well"?

Joy Tomme said...

Oops and oh God! what a blunder! Yes, it should be "fare well" and I am changing it. Thank you so much Anonymous, whoever you are.

Joy Tomme