Monday, January 30, 2006

Condi Rice: “Nobody Saw It Coming”

Miss Shopping-for-Shoes-While-Katrina-Raged says nobody could have foreseen that the Hamas party in Palestine would beat out the American-favored Fatah party. Let’s see. That’s number what? that nobody could have foreseen except a blind mentally challenged deaf person? Only those outside of the Bush administration’s band of sycophants and ass-kissers who screamed warnings could have foreseen: The attacks on 9/11. That Iraq and those who live there are different from Texas. That Iraqis would not welcome being attacked. That more troops were needed in Iraq from the git-go. That WMD’s would not be found in Iraq. That the justification for the Iraq war was a huge lie. That American troops would be required in Iraq for decades. That the levees in New Orleans would fail if a huge hurricane hit. That Katrina was the hurricane that would defeat the levees. That the White House plan for Social Security reform was stupid. That Terri Schaivo was brain dead and even if she wasn’t, the United States government had no business getting involved. That Ahmad Chalabi is a shit. That the Sunnis were not big favorites in Iraq. That Israel and those who live there are different from Texas. That Palestine and those who live there are different from Texas. That the entire Middle East and those who live there are different from Texas. That Jesus was a Jew from the Middle East not a born-again Christian from Texas. That people in the Middle East don’t want to be saved, see no reason to convert, and think their land is their land, not the 51st United State of America. That Palestine and Israel would not kiss and make up when Arafat and Sharon died even when a dominatrix from hell said, Be nice because that’s what America wants. That Abbas had no control in Palestine and Hamas was just waiting in the wings. "I've asked why nobody saw it coming," Ms. Rice said, speaking of her staff that didn’t realize the power of Hamas in Palestine. "It does say something about us not having a good enough pulse." The expression, Miss-Whip-and-Chains, is “having a finger on the pulse” of the situation. You and your submissive male coterie have a pulse all right. The problem is, your pulse only surges when you issue orders. And by the way, you do realize now that nobody is listening when you put on your ugly face and crack your little whip, right? Here’s a clue, Miss Condi-in-leather, as to why you and the Bush administration constantly get blind-sided by painfully obvious conditions that you don’t see coming: The whole world is very happy to take money doled out by the United States and to make whatever promises necessary to keep the money coming. However, the world consensus is that impotent fools run the Bush White House and there is no reason to follow-through on promises because the Republicans have made the US too weak to retaliate. I am very sure you haven’t seen that coming either, have you?

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