Sunday, January 01, 2006

Today the Prez Will “Set The Tone” For 2006

Here’s what’s been going on down there in Crawford, TX: The Prez has been in quiet isolation for the past six days. And while he’s been mountain biking and brush whacking, he’s been thinking. Or rather, the geniuses that do the president’s thinking have been thinking. And the thinkers decided GWB should come back from his quiet Christmas isolation early this year in order to “set the tone” for 2006. According to the New York Times, the way the Prez will set this tone is by giving speeches that have been written for him for four weeks and then on January 31, he will deliver a canned State of the Union speech. This plan makes one wonder if there is anyone in his right mind in the Bush administration. The tone for 2006 was set long ago, you gnat-brained incompetent morons. The tone was set when the Prez’s approval rating sank to 37%. The tone was set when Scooter Libby was indicted and the White House master bastard Karl Rove became one of the disappeareds to prepare for his own indictment. The tone was set when the Prez said he would continue sending American soldiers to be killed in Iraq until he decided not to send American soldiers to be killed in Iraq. The tone was set when the Prez admitted he’d broken the law and had ordered the NSA to wiretap American citizens. The headline of David Sanger’s NYT article today is: President Uses a Quiet Vacation to Prepare His Agenda for 2006. LMFAO! President George W. Bush couldn’t prepare a grocery list without a cue card. So let’s talk about that. George W. Bush will be POTUS for three more years. Can he fake it for that long? Do we have another President in the throes of Alzheimer’s? More and more people are comparing the articulate George Bush who defeated Ann Richards in the Texas Gubernatorial election in 1994 with the George Bush of 2005. They are two different men. For ten years, there has been a steady downward spiral of memory loss, misstatements, paranoia, confusion and incidents of falling down. Early onset Alzheimer’s runs in families. Both of George Bush’s grandparents on his mother’s side had Alzheimer’s. But whether it was the early onset variety is not spoken about. Has an agenda been mapped out for King George to rule from a funny farm? Given the fondness the White House has for staged photo-ops, it will be a very bad sign if the two-bit production team starts watching “Dave” over and over.

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Barry Schwartz said...

Both of his parents have Graves hyperthyroidism, I believe. On his mother is shows because she's got the eye problems that can come with it.

I don't know about falling down, but I've seen thyroid problems make people behave what you might call 'erratically'.

We sort of need to know what drugs Bush is using and abusing, don't we? Compared to what he was doing before becoming governor.

Also, it just occurs to me, when he became governor was when Bush got to kill people and so forth. Maybe it's mostly his psychiatric condition getting worse, along with a rise in anxiety. Then, say, he takes tranquilizers to calm down, and they make him clumsy; or it's just the anxiety that makes him fall down.

This brush clearing thing of his, it's like what I would do to relieve anxiety; I've got obsessive-compulsive disorder. I take pills for it. I might fall down just because I can't relax and get involved in what I am doing.

Or Bush might be demented, like Reagan; wouldn't that be interesting. Drug abuse would be more interesting, though.