Sunday, January 15, 2006

NYT: Dems “Disheartened” By Alito’s Success

DISHEARTENED? More like PLAYING DEAD. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) said, "To stop a president on judicial nominations, you either need a Democratic president, a Democratic Senate or moderate Republicans who will break ranks when it's a conservative nominee. We don't have any of those three. The only tool we have is the filibuster, which is a very difficult tool to use, and with only 45 Democrats, it's harder than it was last term." STOP WHINING! We need Democrats with the balls to speak out and raise hell and call ‘em as they see ‘em. It also would help to have Democrats stand firm and refuse to vote for Republican yes-men like Alito. And it would further help if “several Democrats” weren’t seen sniveling and “expressing frustration” over being upstaged by Alito’s weeping wife. God knows Mrs. A’s private moment would have done her proud in a session at the Actors Studio. And God knows it was a whole lot more fun to watch her dramatics on TV than to watch Senator Kennedy’s timeworn act. But whose fault is that? Martha-Ann Alito managed to take attention off the hearing even though, as Jon Stewart noted, she looked like she was wearing her grandmother’s sofa. And, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde: One must have a heart of stone to read about Mrs. A’s tears without laughing. Still, the fact is, she got the TV coverage and the GOP strategy for having the world LOOK OVER THERE worked once again The Democrats have to smarten up and stop whimpering and moaning about how painful and unfair it is to get buggered by a bunch of bullies. Of course it hurts. But who laid down and said, Fuck me? The entire Democrat contingent, that’s who. There are Republican voters who are aching to hear straight talk about why they should never again vote for a Republican. There are elections to be fought for and won in 2006. There are criminals to be jailed. The Democrat Party needs to rise up off its crying couch and get down to the business of saving America from the fascists. The Dem Party needs to do whatever it takes to get back in the game. As in, WHATEVER IT TAKES. Nota Bene to Senator Biden: Stop rambling and ranting and shut up! You’re an embarrassment and you are hurting us.

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Barry Schwartz said...

In family therapy language, the Democrats are in 'emotional fusion' with the Bushists and need to 'differentiate'. They want the Bushists to change back into Republicans, while missing completely that they have little power to make the Bushists change, but that they have the power to change themselves. Any good therapist would bring this fact up.

IMO in fact the Democrats should have, by now, become the kind of political party that leads protests and strikes. They should be prepared to follow any Nuclear Option or election cheating or whatever with protests and work stoppages. They need to take charge of themselves like this and quit tying their 'emotional' and 'intellectual' state to that of the Bushists.