Sunday, January 08, 2006

Drug Plan Stinks, Jeb’s Plan Ends, DeLay Folds

Another rotten week for the GOP. Turns out, the Medicare Drug plan is even worse than feared. Not only is it cumbersome, unwieldy and confusing but it is so unworkable that in its first week of operation, four state legislatures (Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Vermont) rushed in to save the day, else their low-income elderly and disabled would not have been able to get their prescriptions. George Bush’s little brother Jeb considered his school voucher plan to be his crowning accomplishment as Gov. of Florida. That is to say, the crowning accomplishment he could speak about. His real crowning accomplishment was the fraud he and his cohorts perpetrated on US voters that put George W. in the White House in 2000. In any case, on Friday, the Florida Supreme Court decided Jeb’s school voucher program was an illegal use of taxpayer money and it was outlawed. Tom DeLay gave up his fight to remain House majority leader while the courts decide whether to slap his lying ass in jail. A secret Pentagon study was made public that said 80% of the deaths of marines in Iraq could have been avoided if they had been issued proper body armor. The nonpartisan research arm of Congress, the Congressional Research Service, decided that President Bush did not have the authority to order wiretaps on American citizens. A Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Iraq early this morning, killing twelve Americans. The total number of American soldiers killed in Dictator George’s war is 2,198.

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