Friday, January 27, 2006

Finally! Oprah Finds Her Backbone

It took two weeks for Oprah Winfrey to go from “it’s much ado about nothing” to fighting back tears and displaying anger at James Frey for making up major portions of his book “A Million Little Pieces” which she had touted on her book club. And what caused the sea change? Oprah’s reputation was getting kicked in the ass. On January 11, Oprah called Larry King while he was interviewing Frey. She defended the “essential truth” of the book and said the facts didn’t matter. But yesterday she said, "I made a mistake and I left the impression that the truth does not matter. And I am deeply sorry about that, because that is not what I believe." Uh huh! Defending Frey and his lies. Defending the truth. Defending lies. Defending the truth. Hmmmmm. What is better for me? Oh-oh! The scales are tipping in favor of defending the truth. Okay…that’s the way I’ll go. Oprah and the Bush administration assume that the public has the attention span of a fruit fly and that folks will buy whatever they heard an hour ago. VP Cheney says if they had authorized wiretapping of Americans sooner, maybe 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. That’s funny. The NSA was wiretapping before 9/11 and the Bush administration ignored all kinds of info about a possible attack and that's why 9/11 happened. The Prez says we should take Osama seriously because he surely takes Osama seriously. Which is amazing. The Bush administration didn’t take Osama seriously at all before 2001 and Osama was the same sonovabitch and a mega threat then. But nevermind! It’s all about what is said today. Yesterday, two weeks ago, five years ago is so far back. Who can remember? The White House and Oprah Winfrey may be in for a real shock. People do remember. People hate being lied to. And people can be very unforgiving when they’ve been conned.

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Barry Schwartz said...

Maybe so, but in countries without 'real' elections the con can go on for decades. Heck, Ceausescu was a bigtime con artist, making up a whole non-existent career in chemistry for his narcissistic wife.