Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yo…Prez Bush! The Shiites Just Took Baghdad…

…and not only that, according to a report out of Iran, Osama Bin Laden says he'll enter Iraq in October for Ramadan. Let me remind you White House Ladies of a thing or two. You planned to force Iraq to accept your choices for Iraq leaders in spite of all your freedom and democracy rhetoric. Well, they sure turned the tables on you. Your Paul Bremer installed the Baghdad Mayor the Shiites just deposed, Alaa al-Tamimi. That was before Bremer fled Iraq with his tail between his legs. "This is the new Iraq," Mr. Tamimi said, according to this morning's New York Times. Tamini is a secular engineer who is beholden to no party. "They use force to achieve their goal,” he said. This isn't the “new Iraq”. This is the old Iraq. Nothing has changed. As of today, 1842 American soldiers have died and Iraq is still ruled by force. And the awful irony is that the aim of the Republican Party was to rule Iraq by US force. Only we called it freedom and democracy. Our gutless President, who avoided serving in the armed forces by hook, crook and Daddy's favors, is so lily-livered he won't even walk down a country lane to talk to the mother of one of the soldiers he killed in Iraq. By the way, Mr. Hide-Behind-Any-Bush, how's that Osama “Dead or Alive” threat going?

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