Friday, August 05, 2005

Robert Novak's Meltdown…Oh Happy Day!

I take it quite personally. Novak's breakdown was a gift to me. But then, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show saw Novak's profane snit and swivet as a personal gift to him. I dare say, all the 60,000,000 voters who voted against GWB in the 2004 election probably think Novak's on-camera temper tantrum was a personal gift to them. And the best part of this August Surprise is that CNN immediately told the sneaky, scumsucking, lying, White House shill to make himself scarce for an indefinite period of time. And then over at WNYC, Rick-the-dick Santorum lost his cool about gays and had a shouting fit on the Brian Lehrer show. Wheeeee!!! What's going on? With Santorum, it's just that he's a zealot and a moron. But with Novak, it's tempting to speculate. Why now? Was it a set up? Was it staged? Did CNN give Novak a way to exit the show that was more palatable to him that getting canned? Did Novak know that Ed Henry's next question was going to be a real stinker about the Plame case? It's probably none of the above. Most likely, it was a random mercy from God and we all should give a donation to our favorite charity to give thanks. Paul Krugman's Op/Ed piece in the NYT this morning says the expression “intelligent design” came from Irving Kristol. Intelligent design is a less loaded phrase than creationism, but it means the same thing. That is, everything that is now in existence came into being 6,000 years ago and was formed by God in six days, after which, God rested for a day. Irving Kristol is known as the founder of neo-conservatism. He also gave us the expression “supply side economics”--another theory that doesn't add up: tax cuts can be had for free because they don't cause budget deficits. Irving Kristol created William Kristol, who created the Project for a New American Century and was Dan Quayle's speechwriter. My point? The events of each day show more and more persuasively that it has taken man billions of years to get to his current apelike status and he's still not very far out of the trees. Plus, the events of every day point away from there being anything intelligent whatsoever about mankind. And, further, I would suggest that the kindest possible view of the intelligent design theory is that God is still resting.

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