Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bolton Another Lame Duck

There are two possible reasons why President George Bush decided on the end-run smart-ass recess appointment of John Bolton to the post of Ambassador to the UN. 1) The Prez has such contempt for the UN that Bolton is his best worst choice. Or, 2) Prez Bush is so giddy with power he decided to wait until Congress left town to use his constitutional right to appoint his personal choice, no matter how disastrous the appointment may be for the UN, for the US, and for his own reputation. I favor the latter reason, because it also accomplishes the former. If Bush had waited for Congress to affirm the Bolton appointment, Bolton would have served until the end of Bush's term. As it is, Bolton will only serve until the next one-year session of Congress. That is, Bolton's appointment lasts only until January 2007. Bush has chosen to flip the bird at Congress and the world rather than follow the normal course of events for confirming a UN Ambassador. And in doing so, his little show of disdain has seriously limited Bolton's ability to do the job of US Ambassador to the UN. Bush did not have to make this recess appointment. Bolton would no doubt have been confirmed. It has gotten to the point that President Bush's grandiose behavior is undermining his party and his own authority. And the White House Ladies are allowing him to do it. That is another puzzlement. Rove, Cheney, Mehlman and McClellan could have talked Bush out of his insane ploy to show everyone who's boss. Why didn't they? One can only ask the key question: Who benefits if Bush is discredited and found to be unfit and mentally unstable?

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Barry Schwartz said...

Deputy Leader Cheney would benefit, but I don't believe that's what's going on here.

First, this way Bolton gets started sooner rather than later, and extending his appointment is a problem for another day, which they can ignore for now, just like they can ignore the Global Warming and all else that is in the 'distant' future.

Second, the people around George W. Bush, particularly Karl Rove, have been selected for their ability to act as mirrors for the Leader's narcissistic reflection. Much of what is commonly attributed to 'politics' is actually for the most part reflecting Bush's self-image. Consider, for example, the aircraft carrier stunt. If Karl Rove staged that for politics, he is dumb as a brick, because the possible benefit was small -- Bush could have played the great military leader part from the Oval Office -- while the risks were huge. The spectacle was done for the sake of the Leader's narcissism, because Bush surrounds himself with servants who are willing to do such things in exchange for power. This is why they do not stop him; and no one is going to declare Bush unfit.