Sunday, August 14, 2005

Frank Rich: The Iraq War is Over; Notify GWB

Thank God Frank Rich is back from vacation and writing for the New York Times again. For a couple weeks, no one was telling the unvarnished truth. But Rich is back and his Op/Ed piece this morning (“Someone Tell the President the War Is Over”) lays it on the line: Fox News Bill O'Reilly is bad-mouthing Rumsfeld, CNN's Bob Novak got the hell out while he could still walk under his own power, the shakers and spinners in the White House are now trying to call their war of choice a “struggle”, and old GOP loyalists are lining up on the other side against Bush. As Rich says, “On this sinking ship, it's hard to know which rat to root for”. And yet, our silly grinning Prez tells us from his ranch in Texas where he is performing the extraordinary feat of having his head in the sand and up his ass, that we will stay the course in Iraq. As of this morning, 1853 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and President Bush prates that it's undecided as to when troops will start to be withdrawn. Which, of course, is a lie. It is absolutely known when the pullout will begin. The only one in government who doesn't know when we're going to extricate ourselves from George W. Bush's war is George W. Bush. But at this point, since Prez Bush is mentally incompetent, he's not kept in the loop about anything. He believes his mandate is to be the first King of the World. He thinks he can brush off the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq who is camped out down the road from his Crawford ranch. He's convinced no one knows about his gay escapades. And he believes God put him in the White House. But the madness of President Bush is not the important issue facing the United States. The big dilemma is how can the intelligent men and women in Congress and in the President's cabinet lead the country for the next two years and six months through the morass that the present Bush administration has placed us in. It's the Bush administration that's in its last throes, not the war in Iraq. The war will go on until we pull our troops out. Therefore, our troops must be pulled out and the decision as to when that will be has already been made. The next decision is: How can an administration that has made wrong decisions in every aspect of its leadership start to govern according to Democrat precepts but still appear to be Republican? Now that's a helluva challenge.

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