Monday, August 29, 2005

The Rationale for “Staying the Course” in Iraq

The White House wants to keep on fighting in Iraq, keep on sending soldiers to Iraq and keep on having American soldiers killed in Iraq because the Bush administration started a war it doesn't know how to end. That's it. You can take all the rhetoric about a pull-out weakening the area, all the hogwash about bringing freedom and liberty to the Middle East, all the military-speak about winning the war on terrorists, and all the nonsense about fighting over there so we don't have to fight here, and you can shove it up Karl Rove's ass (if George Bush's head has left any room, which I doubt). The White House, like the Roman Catholic Church, cannot admit it is wrong. From now until the insane asylum in the White House is closed down, we are going to hear THE BIGGEST LIE OF THEM ALL: the mission of the United States is to bring peace, democracy and women's rights to the Middle East. The United States started a war in Iraq because Iraq was supposed to crumble quickly, then we were going to aggress on other countries in the region, which were going to fall over like dominoes. Then we were going to crow about the moral superiority of the Christian religion and the military supremacy of our armed forced while we boasted and blustered about nuking the rest of the world if it didn't bow down to THE MASTER. And last, we and the Saudis and bin Ladens were going to control all the oil in the Middle East until the US knocked over the Saudis. Alas, it didn't quite work out that way. But not to worry, the US can spin lead into gold. Gone are the lies about finding Weapons of Mass Destruction, hounding Osama bin Laden out of his hidey-caves and making the world safe for the US to dominate. Now we get lies that corrupt Iraqi elections were free and democratic and that a hokey unworkable constitution will bring liberty and equality to the region. The only reason we are in Iraq is because BushII put us there through deceit and bad planning. And there isn't anyone in the White House or the Pentagon who has the foggiest idea how to end the little preemptive strike that was supposed to usher-in the US control of the world. We're in Iraq and we're going to stay there because the White House Ladies love to play soldier but they thought the other side would do the right thing and use fake ammo.

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