Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Heartland

The tide seems to have turned out there in Illinois where the majority of my friends have always voted Republican. It's not that the folks in my hometown have switched sides. They are still Republicans. But they are Republicans who have come to despise the asshole they voted-in for President. They hate the war in Iraq, think we should pull out, and they are talking about it. At our reunion two years ago, I didn't dare mention that I was a Yellowdog Democrat. This time, I felt free to voice my views, although none of us got into heavy debates. But I am wondering about an issue which will be a BIG factor in the 2008 election: Will these one-time staunch defenders of the Republican Party vote against a GOP candidate, or will they sit the election out and wait for their guys to regain their senses? The Democratic Party is going to need to woo and win these Republicans who hate the war in Iraq. The issue of the war will be the deciding factor in 2008. Bush has now painted himself into a corner about the war and he leaves no wiggle-room in which 2008 GOP candidates can maneuver. The GOP Candidate has to agree with Bush on the war. If John McCain stands up and forcefully supports the idea that the US must stay the course in Iraq, many Republicans simply won't vote rather than vote against McCain. However, if the GOP has eyes to put Jeb Bush up as a candidate, the whole thing becomes easier for the Democratic Party. The Bush name in the Heartland is a four-letter word. On another topic: When Lance Armstrong used to compete in the big bike race in Philadelphia (this was before he was able to use cancer as a rallying cry), I despised him. It was something about his over-weaning stage-mother Mom. It was like watching an updated Oedipus story. I felt kind of guilty loathing Lance because he had a mother problem. But now I have a good excuse for those strong feelings of revulsion and antipathy. The man hobnobs with George W. Bush. I'll even discount the fact that (yup, seems to be a FACT) Lance Armstrong uses and has used performance-enhancing drugs. Lance Armstrong going down to Crawford, Texas to kiss GWB's ass is an ughly sight no matter how you look at it. Was Lance Armstrong bought and paid for by the White House Ladies? I wouldn't bet against it.

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