Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dear Zev Chafets:

Your Op/Ed piece in the New York Times this morning (Mother Knows Best) is a piece of crap. However, you probably should be forgiven for writing this piece of crap because you're sitting there in Tel Aviv and you may not know (but more likely, you would rather not consider the truth of the fact) that President George W. Bush is a mentally defective, delusional, self-absorbed idiot. You praise GWB for being “a master politician”. You say GWB was able to coerce Ariel Sharon into ordering the pullout of Israelis from Gaza and the West Bank by his use of “common sense and credibility.” GWB has no common sense, Mr. Chafets. And he is the master of nothing in the US or in the world. He lost whatever credibility the Bush name conferred on him by acting like the arrogant, grandiose, narcissist that he is and always has been. You say that a letter Bush sent to Sharon in April of 2004 sealed the deal re the Gaza/West Bank pullout. You say no other American president had given Sharon the assurances that Bush gave him. First, Bush can't even say a simple declarative sentence, much less write one, so let's be clear: Bush writes nothing, Bush makes no policies, Bush has no thoughts on his own. The words in that letter were the words of Karl Rove and the White House speech writers, with a sentence or two thrown in by Richard Perle, Irving Kristol and Andy Card. The roadmap referred to in that April 2004 letter was basically the roadmap laid out by President Bill Clinton. However, the deal made behind closed doors between Sharon and the White House thugs was a deal that the US cannot and has no means to honor. That deal was that the US would make war on any enemy of Israel and that Israel might just as well kiss Palestine's ass because the US had Israel's back. This is the biggest lie the Bush administration has ever told, of course. The US can't even pull its dick out of the sand in Iraq, let alone make more wars just to be friendly. And another part of the closed-door deal was that if Israel didn't kiss Palestine's ass, the US would stop sending all those nice dollars to Israel. So, put a sock in it about the US saying the right words to Sharon and that the right words sweetened the pot and encouraged Sharon to order the Gaza/West Bank pullout. I am not a Sharon fan, but I have too much respect for his ability to make sharp deals and his stubborn cussedness to believe that sweet-talk turned the tide. What I find most irritating about your Op/Ed piece is the transparent way you suck up to President George W. Bush. Do you honestly think anyone in the world believes Bush is more than a mental patient living in the White House? Why don't you just come out and say what's really on your mind, which is: We now have done what the Americans have wanted Israel to do for decades. Oh please, please, please don't stop sending us money for services rendered. Oh please! It is interesting, though, Mr. Chafets, I have to admit, that both Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush are Mama's Boys. Many serial killers are Mama's Boys.

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