Monday, March 07, 2005

Mr. Ratfucker and the Red Stars of Courage

Recently, Mr. Ratfucker was called a “Commie” by a dweeby little freeper asswipe on the Guardian Unlimited Newsblog. After Mr. Ratfucker picked himself off the floor where he had been laughing his ass off, and wiped his eyes, Mr. Ratfucker asked himself if dweeby freeper asswipes know what Communists are. He decided they don’t. However, a batch of ignorant, gormless, stupid, cowardly, bullying, nonthinking, easily-led college kids have determined that anyone who disagrees with the fascists in the White House are Commies. And they are putting red stars on the doors of professors who believe George Bush’s policies are wrong. Mr. Ratfucker would like to inform this new breed of goosestepping, neocon, warmongering, immature band of snitches, finks and yes-men that the only major impact they are having is to make anyone who merits one of their red star badges proud to have received it. So proud, in fact, that red stars are going to be turning up on so many doors, bumper stickers, t-shirts and lapel pins that not to have one will be equated with being on the wrong side of any and all political issues. Mr. Ratfucker says upward and onward, Red Star Society. Let’s hear it for the Red Star Badge of Courage!

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