Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cheney for Prez in 2008?

Tim Grieve has an interesting article in this morning’s re GOP candidates for 2008. Although Cheney answered Fox News queries about whether he might run for Prez in 2008 with a, “Hell no,” Grieve quoted the Weekly Standard’s Exec Ed Fred Barnes as saying "there's every reason Cheney should change his mind". Oh my God! What a gift that would be. I can think of two reasons why the Dems should hail a Cheney run with sweets and flowers. No. 1-He’s a dead man walking No. 2-We know he’s a dead man walking We didn’t know about George Bush’s mental and physical health problems in 2000. And in 2004 when people were starting to suspect he was loony as King George III and physically unwell into the bargain, still, his health records were kept secret. But Dick Cheney’s health records are an open book. His prognosis is dim and getting dimmer. Whether he could even withstand the rigors of a campaign in three years is doubtful. It’s interesting and an indication of how far out of reality the Bush administration supporters are, that Barnes would welcome a Cheney run. Barnes even said Condi Rice would be a strong contender...stronger than John McCain. Holy crap! Barnes is loonier than George W. Bush who is loonier than King George III who was loonier than Richard III. Condi Rice is universally despised at home and abroad. Condi Rice has the personal warmth of a pit viper. Condi Rice possesses all the people skills of Bill O’Reilly without the physical beauty. And Barnes says, “John McCain is not in the same league” with Condi Rice or Dick Cheney. Well that’s true. John McCain would be a personable, electable candidate. Dick Cheney for Prez in 2008. And how about James Guckert for Vice Prez? Sounds like a dandy GOP ticket. Wheeze and sleaze.

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