Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Karen Hughes a Diplomat? Oh Please!

Let’s see...how long ago was it that Bush Advisor/Surrogate Mommy Karen Hughes told Little Georgie Bush that she was going back to Texas to be with her family? "My husband and I have made a difficult but we think right decision to move our family home back to Texas,” she said. Seems like yesterday, but it was April 22, 2002. Oh well...nevermind. Mommy Karen is back at the ranch and her boss will be Condoleeza Rice. If that superior-inferior arrangement isn’t a hoot-and-a-half, I don’t know what is. Assuming the appointment will be confirmed by the Senate, Hughes will have the title “undersecretary of state for public diplomacy”, and the rank of ambassador. As a friend of mine said yesterday, "WTF? Karen Hughes has a tin ear when it comes to anything resembling decorum or diplomacy." What it’s about, my friends, is that President George Bush is coming unglued and he needs his Moms. The war in Iraq hasn’t panned out too well. Social Security reform hasn’t panned out too well. The mandate that never was, isn’t. Michael Jackson and President Bush are about as popular as each other. Congress is debating Bush’s $2.57 trillion budget, the GOP is in a civil war with itself. There is open revolt over the recently-passed Bankruptcy bill. And God asked me to tell you that George Bush is free to believe anything he wants but that the Almighty laughed his ass off when he heard Bush say, “God wants me to be president”. When Prez Bush ventures out into the real world, his “conversations” with the folks are so stage-managed that Bush-watchers say he has no idea his approval ratings have slipped to the point that 60% of the people are against him. Not true. He knows he’s political poison. He may not understand it, but he knows and he needs all his security blankies all the time. That’s why Rove and Company summoned Karen Hughes back to the fold. She’s supposed to get Bush out of the fetal position and back to his deluded grandiose self. Will it work? Depends on how far he has spiraled down. Now that Karen Hughes is on the Bush team again, Salon’s Tim Grieves posed 5 questions yesterday he’d like to ask the newly-proposed undersecretary of state for public diplomacy. No. 5: “You know the president better than just about anyone. What was that bulge on his back?”

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