Wednesday, March 09, 2005

George Bush--Accidental Good Guy in Middle East

Or, as they say in my hometown: Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Fareed Zakaria has an article in the March 14th issue of Newsweek giving George W. Bush credit for bringing democracy, freedom, reform and the promise of a peaceful future to the Middle East. That is such a load of horseshit. Although the article makes it clear that Bush has made huge mistakes in Iraq, Zakaria sounds as though he actually believes George Bush is the one who makes policies and decisions in the Bush administration, which he doesn’t, and that Bush is capable of having complex thoughts, which he isn't. Perhaps it’s that Zakaria wants to make sure he continues his career as a journalist, but his giving credence to the White House myth that George Bush decides matters of great importance is ridiculous. George Bush is the epitome of an empty suit. He’s a figurehead. He speaks when told what to say. When he’s not told what to say, he resorts to repeating memorized sentences that often are inappropriate to the topic. It’s equally ridiculous to advance the proposition that the present White House is responsible for signs of reform in the Middle East. Out of the ashes of the Bush administration’s failed war in Iraq, the Iraqi people have managed to pull something together that may or may not resemble democracy in a few decades. At the present time, after two years of destroying the country and murdering tens of thousands of Iraqis, the US has been unable to give the people even the basic amenities which they had under Saddam Hussein. Yasser Arafat finally kicked the bucket, which may or may not result in Israel and Palestine having a dialogue that may or may not lead to peace. The White House has done nothing for the Israel/Palestine conflict except allow George Bush to jabber about an area of the world he doesn’t understand in words someone gave him which he can’t comprehend. The whole world has been telling Syria to loose its stranglehold on Lebanon. And now finally Lebanon has said, Get out! In an excess of arrogance, the White House wants to take credit for Syria pulling out of Lebanon when it’s been inevitable since September 2004 when the UN Security Council passed resolution 1559. This resolution called for “foreign forces” to leave Lebanon and end their meddling in Lebanese affairs. George Bush only became aware of Lebanon as something the GOP could spin when former Lebanese premier Rafik al-Hariri was assassinated on February 14th. The BushMen blundered into the Middle East like ham-handed klutzes. Bush himself could barely pronounce the names Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden when they started their unnecessary war. As of this morning they have killed 1511 American soldiers. At no time did the White House fascist visions of global supremacy and George Bush’s grandiose delusions of power ever promote peace except by accident. The present White House gang has had designs on ruling the Middle East since Daddy WarBush bungled the Gulf War in 1991. Through lies and deceit, this obsession moved into the realm of reality when the White House invaded Iraq. The WH then decided it was a perfect opportunity to declare the US was spreading liberty and freedom even though the exact opposite is true. The only thing the GOP Is spreading in the Middle East is war and dissension Just because a stopped clock says it’s 3:00 when it’s 3:00 doesn’t mean the clock caused 3:00 to occur. And by 3:01, it will be wrong usual.

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