Sunday, March 06, 2005

DU Reports on Sy Hersh Louisville Speech

Another reason bloggers are gold. How else would we hear about a speech given by Sy Hersh in Louisville, KY, except that a poster wrote a full report. Democrat-4-Ever attended the speech and reported on it March 5 in the Democratic Underground. Needing specifics about where the speech was delivered, I Googled Seymour Hersh and Louisville’s main newspaper, Courier-Journal, trying to find a recap of the speech. I came up empty. Then I searched Courier-Journal’s site and again came up mention of the speech. Finally, I found a telephone interview a Courier-Journal reporter had done with Hersh back in February that mentioned, in passing, that Hersh would be the “Wyatt Lecture” speaker at Bellarmine University in Louisville on March 3, 2005. In any event, Kentucky’s Repub bias notwithstanding, Democrat-4-Ever said the lecture hall was packed. In reporting Hersh’s remarks, Dem-4 said, “Some of the things that I thought most interesting--Bush doesn't care what the American people or the world thinks about his plans. Just flat doesn't care. Hersh says that from his contacts within the administration that naysayers are routinely pushed out and only people who agree with his and the neocons grand schemes are allowed anywhere close to the table. King Chimpy honestly believes that he is changing the course of world history and that in 10, 20 or 50 years he will be remembered in the same way that Lincoln is revered. And he has no one around him to tell him any different.” Dem-4 also reported Hersh said, “Rumsfeld has completely trashed the CIA. Concerted steps were taken to remove, run off or push from the table any and all people within the agency that did not get on board with the grand schemes. The CIA was the original group that kept saying there were no WMDs, no terrorists, Saddam not involved. The BushyBots just didn't want to hear it. The CIA is now a toothless, powerless (my words) agency. Because of laws written in the 80s that required Congressional oversight this administration has circumvented the process by declaring presidential authority to prepare for possible wars by using the military by secret methods traditionally used by the CIA for information. Since they have "authority" and it is not the CIA, King Chimp, Cheney and Rumsfeld feel they do not have to report to Congress or any one else on what they are doing. Scary, scary $hit.” The Dem-4 post ended with, “You get a chance to hear this guy speak be sure and go. He was very hopeful in the American public being able to save this country but the plans he outlined for this administration should give us all pause and scare the beegeebers out of you if we let this continue.” The problem, of course, is how do we keep the fascism of the White House from continuing. We have a Republican House, Republican Senate and a Republican-corrupted mainstream media. The most powerful tool the Democrats have, other than those Dems who have the balls to stand up to the White House bullies, is the growing numbers of Republicans who are beginning to view the power-drunk BushMen as dangerous despots. Make no mistake, even the puppet-masters behind King George’s throne are well aware our president is insane. Right now, they are confident they can control him to their advantage. They can’t. As Dem-4 reported, the Prez “honestly believes that he is changing the course of world history”. It’s inevitable that the moment will come when the President’s detractors outnumber his sycophantic supporters. Then what? A.M. Benis (Sc.D., MD), an authority on Personality Disorders says in “Toward Self & Sanity: On the Genetic Origins of the Human Character”, the Narcissist “cannot tolerate any serious criticism of his qualities, or interference in his ambition to attain the limelight.  When frustrated he may, on the one hand, be incited into the narcissistic rage of defense and withdrawal, or on the other hand, he may undergo a depression to an abject state of hopelessness.” Our President may be medicated but he calls talk therapy “psychobabble”. So what happens to untreated pathologically narcissistic mental cases? I’m sure we’re going to find out. It’s not a good prognosis.

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