Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Election May Hinge on Ignorance

Note I said ignorance not stupidity. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge. Stupidity is the lack of brain power to think cogently.

If the majority of eligible voters vote for Romney it will be due to ignorance or willful blindness, which is the same thing.

The Romney base of wealthy and financially secure voters will of course vote for Romney in order to feather their nests. This is to be expected, and if elected, President Romney will not disappoint these voters.

But if middleclass voters who are just barely keeping their head above water, the poor, the elderly, the disabled and immigrants who are registered voters vote for Romney it is because they are ignorant. That is, they either don’t understand what the GOP plans to do, or they think what the GOP plans to do will benefit them…which it won’t.

Romney says all people who are currently receiving Social Security will not be affected by his plan to gut Social Security. That is a lie. Romney/Ryan will not honor current Social Security recipients…they can’t. In order to change Social Security they have to CHANGE SOCIAL SECURITY…all Social Security.

The middleclass will be taxed to the hilt while the wealthy and financially secure will pay next to nothing.

Romney and Ryan really believe that the poor are parasites. Without government assistance from Medicare, Social Security and other government programs, the poor will die sooner, which is fine with Romney/Ryan. And they really do believe that if the elderly are not financially secure, it is their own fault. Therefore, the USA would be better off without the elderly who are poor. So why help them if helping them will make them live longer?--this is simple, basic Romney/Ryan thinking.

Romney’s religion will pray all people into Mormon heaven who have died because they have no government safety net, whether they want to be in Mormon heaven or not…so why should they worry? And Ryan’s Roman Catholic religion will pray all Roman Catholics into heaven who die because they don’t have a government safety net, unless they are gay, atheists, pro-choice, Episcopalian or otherwise pagans. So these lucky dead people will also be better off dead than Democrat…so why should they worry?

And Romney/Ryan really do believe if low-income people have been allowed to have green cards and have become citizens, they better become financially secure quickly or it will prove the USA should not have let them immigrate in the first place. Therefore, immigrants should get rich by hook or crook or they may be deported for having not had the good sense to be born in the USA. In any case, immigrants who die from neglect or who get deported or die by getting deported are doing the USA a favor because according to Romney/Ryan the USA does not need them and does not want them. Romney/Ryan believe the USA is a country that was made by and for wealthy white men. And these wealthy white men have worked their asses off to get one of their own elected President in 2012.

If you are not a member of a wealthy white man’s family, do not jump on the Romney/Ryan band wagon. The road to the White House will be littered with Romney/Ryan true-believers who turned out to be unworthy parasites and who had to be kicked out of the righteous, right-thinking, Republican Party.

Ignorance will be a major factor in the Presidential election.

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