Monday, August 13, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Risky VP Choice

What does it mean that Mitt Romney introduced his Vice President choice Paul Ryan as “the next President of the United States” and President Barack Obama did the same thing with Joe Biden four years ago?

I think it’s significant. Of course, both Romney and Obama will say it’s because a candidate gets used to hearing “the next President of the United States” and the phrase just naturally popped out.

I think it’s because Romney is scared shitless pretty boy Ryan will outshine him and be more presidential; and Obama was scared shitless Biden would look more presidential and be more savvy and popular.

Be that as it may. A Vice President has very little power.

But Romney may have a real concern. How likely is it that Paul Ryan is going to take a back seat and hide his light under a bushel? About as likely as Sarah Palin not being a spotlight-grabbing diva. And they both are Tea Party stars.

Already when Ryan started yapping about his deficit-cutting blueprint, Romney immediately said that Romney would have his own plan for cutting the deficit.

This is going to be interesting. The old reliable quarterback (Romney is 65) having to squelch the young dazzler (Ryan is 42) who has been called up from the minors to give some pizazz to the team. And this is just the beginning.

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