Thursday, August 16, 2012

New York Times Calls It Low-minded and Sleazy

Regarding Commonwealth Court of PA Judge Robert Simpson’s ruling that the Voter ID law will stand, a New York Times editorial this morning said "this is a clear and disturbing illustration of the way Republicans have manipulated legislation for their own ends, placing a veneer of civic responsibility on a low-minded and sleazy political ploy."

It is impossible to be more clear and incisive on this matter than that.

Judge Simpson acknowledged he was aware of PA Republican House Leader Michael Turzai’s remark that the Voter ID requirement would win Pennsylvania for Mitt Romney. But Simpson said there was no proof that other lawmakers thought the same way and even if it were true that Repub motives were behind the requirement, Simpson said that was not reason enough to invalidate it.

A PA judge has thumbed his nose at fair and impartial law in PA, he has admitted he has made a ruling that will likely throw the election to Romney in PA and he has said, in effect: “I’m corrupt…I have knowingly and notoriously made an unfair and biased ruling…suck it up…I’m the law.” What happens now?

I have no idea what Democrats and fair-minded Republicans are going to do about this. But of one thing I am absolutely sure.

THIS IS NOT THE END OF THIS MATTER. Pennsylvania is a Democrat state.

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