Thursday, August 23, 2012

Abortion Credos

Being a supporter of the Pro-Life stance on abortion means you have the same unequivocal belief in your credo that I have as a believer in Pro-Choice.

I am Pro-Choice. By definition, that means I believe all women have the right to decide for themselves if they want to carry a fetus to term.

Being Pro-Life carries the credo that conception creates a sacred life and that life must never be terminated except by God. Pro-Life by definition means zero tolerance for abortion.

These two stances on abortion DO NOT come with Cringe-factor Clauses, such as:
a) I believe my belief until my daughter needs an abortion
b) I believe my belief until a fetus looks like a baby
c) I believe my belief until the woman may die because of the pregnancy
d) I believe my belief until the woman is impregnated by rape or by a close relative

There is another Cringe-factor Abortion Clause that is trotted out in political situations: I believe my belief until I may not get elected because of my belief, at which point, I will switch to the other side, or back again.

Let’s stop all the dancing around with niceties and exceptions regarding abortion.

Let all Pro-Lifers stand up and avow that no abortion should ever happen anywhere for any reason. And let’s get a vow from all Pro-Life politicians that if elected they will never allow an abortion ever to happen anywhere if they can prevent it.

And let all Pro-Choicers stand up and avow that abortions should be legal and available for all women all the time. And let’s get all Pro-Life politicians to swear that if elected all abortions will always be legal and available everywhere if they can make it so.

Or, let all Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers shut the fuck up.

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