Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank You Senator Specter

Oh what fun! And it’s all due to Repub Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania having called Senator Craig (R-ID) to tell him he wants Craig to go back to court and withdraw his recent guilty plea in the Minnesota sex sting So now Craig has hired Billie Martin, the same lawyer who defended Falcons quarterback dog-killer Michael Vick. And Craig is gearing up to undo his guilty plea. Last night, CNN’s legal maven Jeffrey Toobin said there are two reasons Craig can use in Minnesota to vacate his guilty plea: incompetence and coercion, and neither apply. I hope Toobin is wrong. I think hearing about the last twenty years of Craig’s assignations in public bathrooms would be very entertaining. And there will be all those endless hearings and investigations into Craig’s private life. We know what Petraeus and Bush are going to say about the war in Iraq. We know what their lapdog ambassador Crocker is going to say. We know the GOP neocons want our soldiers to shed more blood for no good reason whatsoever other than to defend the Bush administration making thousands of bad decisions piled onto thousands of other bad decisions in Iraq. I look forward to hearing those same Repubs blather on about family values and that fighting unnecessary and illegal wars in order to seize other nation’s wealth is good and honorable and that although Larry Craig has been soliciting sex from strangers in public bathrooms during his entire political life, he must be vindicated because he’s a Republican. Yummiola! I can’t wait!

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