Thursday, September 13, 2007

Explain to Me, Please!

The United States has at least 120,000 mercenaries in Iraq. These thugs are costing the US as much as $1000/a day per thug. Blackwater USA, the fanatic fundamentalist right-wing crusading religious organization based in North Carolina that trains mercenaries, has trained its gun-for-hire troops frighteningly well. Why can’t these mercenaries be left in Iraq, overseen by 40,000 real US soldiers? This would keep the US troop level in Iraq at 160,000. And then the US could bring home 120,000 US soldiers and leave the thugs to fight the war in Iraq that George Bush, General Petraeus, and Ambassador Crocker love so much. I can’t see a downside to this idea. Right now, the mercenaries not only are fighting side-by-side with real US soldiers, but also they are guarding Iraq’s oil wells. The news this morning is that the oil law agreement in Iraq between Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis has collapsed. That means the mercenaries are still free to oversee the smuggling of oil out of Iraq. This smuggling (by the US) has been made simple and easy because the US has failed to install the meters on the wells that would prevent smuggling, and US hoodlums are guarding the wells. It all looks positive and good. The mercenaries get to plunder, maraud and kill, which they have been trained to do. The US gets to continue smuggling oil from wells guarded by the mercenaries. Ambassador Crocker gets to continue having little PR soirees in his secure and protected compound in Baghdad guarded by Blackwater, USA gangsters. General Petraeus can keep on playing soldier and being called honorable, which he isn’t. And George W. Bush can start dressing up like a mercenary and feel as though he’s a man who has balls, which he isn’t and doesn't have. And US soldiers get to come home. What’s not to like?

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