Sunday, September 23, 2007

GLORY BE! NYT Has Ended TimesSelect!!!

Why the New York Times started such a stupid enterprise in the first place is unfathomable. Even the NYT, who bowed down to the fascists in the White House and became their PR arm for far too long for fear of reprisals, surely could not have believed the American public would be too frightened of reprisals to find ways to reprint the TimesSelect entries for free. And we did. Perhaps the NYT thought the snob appeal of the rich paying for the right to something the worker-bees wouldn’t or couldn’t pay for would make TimesSelect successful. It didn’t. Whatever the reason may be for the NYT starting TimesSelect, the NYT stopped holding columnists hostage and charging a ransom for their writing because it wasn’t bringing in enough money. Good! Now, back to reading Frank Rich from the NYT online, the way God intended.

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