Monday, September 17, 2007

OJ and GWB

The similarities between O.J. Simpson and George W. Bush are astounding. However, there is one major difference. OJ had extraordinary success in pro football as a young man. Bush was an abject failure at everything he attempted as a young man. OJ was born July 9, 1947. GWB was born July 6, 1946. Neither man can admit they were wrong. Both men believe they are justified in doing anything they can conceive of doing. Both men believe they are above the law, or that no law applies to them. Both men lie as easily as they draw breath. Both men are grandiose, narcissistic, addiction-prone, egomaniacal and delusional. Both men have gotten away with committing heinous crimes. Both men belong in jail. Now that OJ has committed more crimes and has been charged with six felonies, he may finally go to jail. Then again, he may slither his way out of it once more. Slime-god George W. Bush will definitely get away with his crimes. He’s looking forward to making money on the lecture circuit after his presidency is over. His topic will be: I Did It!

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Barry Schwartz said...

OJ also had some success as an actor and was handsome-looking. Bush has never had success and looks like a chimpanzee.

However, now I am going to have nightmares in which I am alone with both Simpson and Bush, the former armed with a huge knife and the latter with a glowing branding iron.